Strength & Conditioning for all levels

This is a 10-week program designed to help you build strength and improve mobility during the fall and winter months. We will start by covering the basics before moving on to more complicated/technical movements. You can expect a lot of bodyweight style exercises, yoga, core, and interval training. While the program is designed for the endurance athlete (runners, cyclists, hikers, etc.) anyone will be able benefit from the strength work and mobility exercises. The class will be great for beginners and experts alike. Whether you’ve been running marathons lately or haven’t exercised in years, these classes will help you become a more balanced and stronger athlete. 
The first class will be on October 13th and our last class will be on December 18th (we will take a small break for the holidays). We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning at Kinetic Integration’s awesome gym. Classes will last for an hour and will end promptly at 7am. You can drop in at any time for a $10 fee. While the classes do build on each other it is not required that you attend all of the classes. You will have the option to sign up for the whole program at a discounted rate of $7.50 per class.