Current Training Offerings

Strength & Conditioning for all levels

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6am (starting Oct. 13th)
     Kinetic Integration
     625 NW 17th Ave. 
     Portland, OR 97209
Cost: $10 per class (drop-in rate) or $150 for 10 weeks ($7.50 per class for 20 classes). 
*You can pay buy cash, check or card when you come to class. We are currently working on an online platform. 
If you have any questions, please call me at (503) 260-6530 or email me at

For more information on this class, please click here.

Strength Training Offerings from Steelhead Coaching

Shawn Bostad of Steelhead Coaching offers a variety of strength and conditioning classes at Kinetic Integration. The classes range from group classes, individualized 1-on-1 and personal coaching. For more information on the class offerings, check out Steelhead Coaching's Practices, for other services offered by Steelhead Coaching check out the website:

There is also the Fitness Training Contract, which needs to be filled out before participation. This is especially important if the trainee is a minor and will be dropped off by someone other than a parent/guardian.

Download the Fitness Training Contract - Liability Waiver (PDF)