Molly Verschingel, LMT, CKTP

After attending Portland State University’s exercise science program, Molly Verschingel  began practicing and teaching sports massage.  She has been licensed since 1993.  Molly developed and teaches the only certification for sports massage in the state.  One of her students once called her a “sportmatic” which she was told is a combination of sport maniac and lunatic.  If the athletic shoe fits…

Molly has worked on the Olympic Sports Massage Team in 2008 and 2012, with the sports medicine team at the Olympic training center, at many Prefontaine Classics,  American’s Cup Fencing, the American Triathlon championships and countless other events.

Molly is the team therapist for the Portland Winterhawks (Let’s play Hawkey!), and the Portland State Vikings (Go Viks!) helping them prepare for games and to recover from injuries and practices.

The soft tissues tell a story of how everybody moves throughout their day, every day.  Her goal when giving a treatment is to read those patterns and help correct problems.  She tries to educate people about what they might improve upon to recover from chronic and acute problems.  Molly believes that just giving an ordinary massage is not what she is called to do, although she might be convinced to give a nice relaxing massage if asked.

Besides being a “sportmatic”, Molly is a former athlete, mom and big fan of her two athlete’s, wife, coach and teacher, gardener, artist, and hates cooking dinner, not necessarily in that order.