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Portland's Massage Therapy and Performance Center


We offer chiropractic therapy, rehabilitation, manual soft tissue techniques & training for increased performance.  

Kinetic Integration Manual Therapy and Performance takes an integrative multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. With an emphasis on movement, we cater to the active population of the Portland metro area. The ability to move the body optimally, without pain, greatly affects how you feel throughout the day. The better you move, the more active you can be.  Common conditions treated can include auto/car accident injuries, sports injuries, personal or overuse injuries, chronic/acute conditions, and many more.

Having acute pain or a chronic injury is not the only reason to schedule an appointment at Kinetic Integration Manual Therapy and Performance. We focus on how you move to find imbalances, asymmetries or other movement related issues that may be just below the surface, which could lead to symptoms in the future. Our facility is equipped for both one-on-one training and training in a group setting. In this way, we can help you train your body not just to reduce and prevent pain, but to reach your specific athletic goals.

All of these aspects combine to make you feel better and perform better, whether that is on a track, on a bike or in the backyard playing with your children.



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